Gem mirrors kind of suck.

Tried to tighten them. Still small and floppy.
Any suggestions on replacements?
Two choices from Ebay!

This looks like a good buy @ <$20 a set

Good enough for me!

I’ll put the old ones on Ebay.

Can you post manufacturer or seller info? Do these just screw into existing GEM mount holes? I’d hate to make more holes in the plastic. I hate the stock mirrors as well as they are impossible to aim being so small.

I could reuse the top hole but had to add bottom hole.
I know what you mean about adding holes. :frowning:

Golf Cart Side Rear View Mirror Set Club Car Yamaha EZGO Universal Gas Electric | eBay

I just noticed that the ss bolts shown did not come with it. I would not have used them in any case.

The mounting base must be mounted near plumb to allow proper adjustment.
Don’t expect too much. It’s just a plastic mirror with flat glass.

On the plus side. The mounting pad is long and flexible. It will twist to follow contour of roof arch.

I’ve seen some real neat ones with turn signals built in the mirror. I can’t remember where…?

I am new to the forum but I purchased mine on Amazon. Search for “10L0L.EZGO Club Car Yamaha Gas & Electric Golf Carts Side Rear View Mirror Set With turn signals” as I cannot post a link yet being new to the board…