Replacement Gem Mirriors

Hey I was wondering if anyone had a Source for some better quality “Stock Replacement” mirriors.The Mirriors I got from NEV acessories are real inexpencieve. And they are pieces of crap if I have to be honest. To be clear I like the look of the stock Mirriors I just want ones that are built better. Thanks

Why are you looking at mirrors?
Get back to work!!! :slight_smile:

Well the Mirriors that NEV acessories sells are pretty bad. Disclaimer. Everything I have ever bought from them is Awesome Great company! 5 Stars. I don’t know if I got a bad batch or what ever but they flop around so bad when your simply driving down the road, the Mirriors looks like they have Parkinson’s. The new owner took the car cover off and the mirrior came off with the cover that’s a FAIL! Uploading… Uploading…

I’m interested in this one. Both of my 2002 cars have the stock mirrors and they look awesome to everyone but the driver. Great decorations, terrible tools!

I have these. I like the style and the added visibility of the extra turn lights, they suffer from the same “cheapness” you are talking about.

I may search for something from a standard car soon and see if I can make it fit.

I did notice that Stock Gem mirriors are much much better quality then the ones I have talked about above. So if you like the look of the stock mirriors then stay away from the aftermarket versions.