Mirrors for a 2016+

The Stock Mirrior s on my 2016 for what ever reason we’re pretty much ulsess. They were big but for some reason Just mounted in the wrong location you could not see behind you with out bending your neck Plus they would not stay in place once adjusted and had no way of getting them tighter. I found these Motorcycle Mirrior in Amazon for like $25 for Both. I figured what the heck. Stock Mirrior on the Left and Motorcycle Mirrior on the right.

I used the stock mounting hardware.

They fold UP for when your pulling into tight spaces and then fold back down into the original position without loosing your Mirrior adjustment it’s awesome.

Post a link. I need them.

Here is a link: they were $27 at the time of purchase Amazon is famous for raising prices as interest in a product grows. I have seriously hit “refresh” on my browser only to find the price has gone up refresh. Good luck

BTW: the Mirrors are VERY small. I could see most people giving 2 thumbs up for how good the mounting system works with a new gem BUT wanting a larger Mirrior. My advice would be to see what Mirrors are out their that are just a bit larger. I think they would appeal to more of the masses. Also I did not mention I used the stock mounting threaded inserts that held my stock Mirrior s on. If your car has no Mirrior s your gonna need that hardware or your gonna have to make your own.

The problem with the stock side mirrors is location. They are mounted on the A pillars rather than the door pillars as shown on the GEM builder website.

The door pillars are too thin and too near the side glass for relocating the stock mirrors. I’m considering building a bracket from the A-pillar rail that will be stabilized by one or two small self-tapping screws into the door pillar. The stock mirrors will then be mounted on the bracket near the door pillar end.

My preferred solution is fastening the stock mirrors to the door frame itself. The build picture implies this and the frame looks strong enough. But the window glass might interfere. Careful measurements are needed.

I will relocate the side mirrors. The current location is unfit for purpose. Ditto the inside mirror.

This makes sense. Gems without doors don’t have the small side windows that the doors attach to. This small window is what could be causing visual impairment. Here is a example of a Gem that doesn’t have doors.

And this is a car that has doors but they are just not installed you can see how it has extra door pieces/windows.

I just asked Derek at GEM about the difference in open vs door mirror location as depicted on their 3D Builder website. However all photographs on the GEM website show A-pillar mounting for all configurations so the builder may be incorrect.

BTW the mirrors in both those photographs appear to be sleek car style mirrors (Side Mirror Kit Item # 2634483 on a pre-2016) rather than the flat truck style mirrors you and I have.

And GEM just increased the price $10 on those car style mirrors.

Mike Newhouse has those

Mirrior s on his Gem

I thought that I would try adjusting the oem mirrors before jumping in.
Moving them outboard a couple inches makes a big difference. The stalk could be extended for more.
Seem like really high quality mirrors and I notice that they can swing way in.

It looks like they can be slid up the track too, bringing them closer to the big window we look through.

MVC-003F MVC-004F

I wonder if the detents are adjustable? Might help a bit.

Yes if both Detents were adjustable that would help.

found these: https://www.golfcartking.com/adjustable-sport-golf-cart-side-view-mirror/

Hey FYI:

They make a High Quality version on this Mirrior and they make a cheep flimsy version of this Mirrior Just make sure you pay the extra money for the good quality one. The ones NEV acessories sell are a great price but they are JUNK. Don’t waste your time with them. They don’t stay adjusted and if you happen to walk by them and clip them Bam they break. Sorry not trying to bag on NVS accessories I think all their products that they make in house and sell our high-quality great items but this item they offer is cheap China crap

I asked Derek about the location of the mirrors depicted at the 3D Build website and he said there was a running manufacturing change that puts them on the door frame as I depicted above. He sent me a 4-page PPTX instructions on how to relocate the 2016-2018 mirrors to the door frame. You have to drill two 13.5mm holes and install two M8x1.25 rivnuts in the door frame. I’ve asked Derek’s permission to share the PPTX. You don’t need to buy PPT from Microsoft to read it – just download the PPT viewer.

Off to buy the rivnuts…and the crimping tool.

The Rivit Nuts can be installed with a simple Nut and Bolt you don’t need the tool but it’s a great idea.

I’ve always mounted a “wink” mirror in all of my gems as well. Love the panoramic view.

Does it mount to stationary door frame? Will the door hit it?
Or mount to the door?