Mirrors for a 2016+

The relocated mirror mounts to the rotating door frame not the stationary door pillar. The door swing is limited to 90 degrees so I think the mirror would have about 30 degrees clearance from the door pillar. But that’s an estimate. YMMV.

I asked Derek if I could share the PPTX with you and he would prefer we work through the GEM dealership per his e-mail:

The title of the PPTX is GEM Door Mirror Installation dated June 5th, 2019. I’ve already sent a heads-up to my local GEM dealer, Cart Mart of San Marcos, CA and I assume they will share it with the other Cart Marts.

My rivnut installation tool arrives Saturday. I don’t have grantwest’s skills.

You don’t need any skills you just need a nut and bolt.

I fell asleep watching those stupid blue hands wave around in the air wasting bandwidth. I’m splitting the cost of the tool with friends so less than $20 out of my pocket. I always like the rivnut concept and now there’s nothing holding me back. But thanks for the video anyway.

Lesson-learned: get the rivnut installation tool with a racheting feature. Or find a local muscleman to install the larger rivnuts. And I’ll be using the video technique in the battery compartment where accessibility is limited. Guess I gotta watch the blue hands all the way to the end and turn on the audio. :grinning: Thanks for the link.

I moved the two outside mirrors to the doors at driver’s eye level. She loves them.

I used 2" bolts to extend the inside mirror closer to the driver. Great visibility improvement too.

Did you ever find larger mirrors. Two of mine are cracked.

I am going to install micro camera’s and 4" monitors for the side view, when I get time…

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Here’s an idea.
1/2 x 3/8 shoulder screw.
Should be able to find ss or aluminum. Found these in my bolt drawer to test fit. Screws in tightly. Od matches perfectly.

A little better. Only 5 min work.

MVC-012F MVC-010F