2008 GEM e4 needs screws for hard doors

Anyone have drawings or specs on the washered screws used to hold the outer and inner halves of hard doors together? The 2008 I just purchases is missing 1-2 dozen of these screws.

also will be looking for rubber strip which goes across the rear side of the sunroof.

No info for thread pitch, diameter and length under Polaris GEM Electric Vehicles parts and maintenance tab at the top?

Also, I have a Fastenal down the street from work, I’ll take one of my door screws in and see what they can match up for us.

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You know, I have probably thrown dozens of these away taking apart broken or unused electronics to get motors or switches out. They are ~1/8" coarse thread 1/2" long. The washer is integrated and does not come off. Typical plastic thread with flat end…

From what I’ve found searching only the standard door parts are listed and those are not listed with standard GEM parts.

ROFL… Me too man… Me too…