Rubber motor bumper

I’m in need of a rubber bumper that goes in between the motor and input shaft. I know there’s a few posts about where to get them from but it seems like everyone is unhappy with what they ended up with (too thin/thick, wrong diameter, poor quality etc). Where’s the best place to get one? Also I’ve seen people mention to put anti-seize or grease on the input shaft before reinstalling the motor, is this necessary and if so what’s best to use?


I have a few left over from my days as a GEM tech, if you’re interested, let me know. A little anti-seize on the spline wouldn’t hurt, occasionally fretting corrosion occurs on the spline.

If they’ll work for an 08 with the 7hp motor I’m interested

Do other transaxle/golf carts use a rubber bumper?
Is it for motor backlash or input shaft preloading?

I can give you the overall length and diameter it’s .360" in length and .750" in diameter.

I didn’t fully answer your question. I know some golt carts with GE motors use them. They (as far as I know) are for end play not backlash.

The dimensions are right but they are configured to provide a specific preload. If you used a solid one you would burn up your motor bearing or worse fail the small bearing on your input shaft.

Do you know how rubber is measured?
I bet you could do a better job cutting bumpers yourself.

That may be what this kit is for. Comparing hardness?

Not me, you.

This is a great topic:
I use the EZ go river bumper. They seem cheep and light weight.

The ones I remove from a stock gem car seem SMASHED but heavy duty and Thick! Compare to the ones I’m replacing with.

What’s the deal. ??? Are these Ez go rubber bumpers getting smashed down to oblivion and becoming compressed to what it this is a solid GEM car rubber bumper

are these the ones to use ?

@oldhouseboater where do you recommend getting them ? need 10 of them .

I just ordered two from here along with 20 other items. Haven’t received them yet but they should be factory units.

yeah, but mine are only $1.94

Yeah but the killer is the $2 part has ~$12 shipping. If someone ends up buying some, they should bulk order them and sell them on here for $5 each. Throw them in an envelope with $0.50 stamp and make $2 each while still saving people $10.

I was looking to replace mine while I had the motor out but I’m not paying $15-20 for it. I’ll just wait until the next time I need to order parts and get it then.

Well I never clicked your link so… :grinning: For the quantity you’re ordering that’s a good buy (assuming it’s the right port).

I put one of those in my 2002. Half a block later I had a melted speed sensor magnet.

Might have been coincidental, but i dunno.Maybe they just aren’t for the older carts. Or mine is more beat up than I realize.

Ended up buying a bag of the ones like NEVaccessories sells from Bahama Golf Carts - like $2.50 each including shipping for a dozen.

Thanks for the heads up. It’s a brand new D&D motor so I definitely want to avoid that. I’ll take it easy when I test it out.

can you post a link ?

Looks like they raised their prices - these were $2.60/ea back at the beginning of June when I ordered.

I also had ordered a single bumper from NEVaccessories, when I compared them the club cart 1022352-01 is identical to the one they are selling.

The polaris 5414407 is listed as 2006 and up. I have a 2002, problem is that 0313-00168 is listed as discontinued and unavailable everywhere, When I talked to a polaris parts guy, they said it would be fine. The 5414407 is a much stiffer rubber maybe it didn’t compress enough - or maybe he’s just wrong. I have the parts still, I’ll pull them out and measure them, I seem to recall the two new ones were the same thickness.

My mistake was not spinning the wheels by hand to turn the motor when it was up on jackstands. I probably would have noticed the binding at that point, rather than dropping it, driving it and damaging it.