GE Motor shaft bumper

Has anybody ever used this bumper? This was sent to me as a Gem car 7hp motor bumper.
What’s your thoughts @Old_Houseboater, @Inwo, @grantwest, @LithiumGods, @MikeKC

I have used those . No problems that I know of

Good to know. The E6 I had rebuilt the GE 7hp motor and still growling on regen. I was going to pull out the old bumper and install this type. Will follow up after. :smiley:

They work fine. I buy the smooth ones 20 at a time because the price is right. Usually growling on regen is not a motor problem unless the splines are gone.

Just did a run. It maybe worse? The Growl starts when I hit 30mph (FSIP program limit)
When I use the America Motor GU3-4002 and have no noise at all?
I just had this GE Motor rebuilt and now I’m baffled?

What is the condition of the input shaft splines and the splines in the motor coupling? Many times aa input shaft kit cures the problem.

I had posted pictures of the input shaft before. It didn’t look that bad. I will compare it to the new shaft I have and post a picture of them

Check the small bearing on the input shaft.

I got those from nevacc and it lasted all of a month. I attributed the quick smooshing to the added space of the slots and reduced rubber because of the slots. I believe the smooth ones will last longer.

And I did put 1 dime behind it as old_houseboater recommended.

Found on the Old GE motor 177 thousandths play in the old shaft and 140 thousandths in the new shaft. Measured from the small bearing race.
Old shaft has new bearings.

I cant picture what your measuring and how it applys .Please email me a sketch

When I mount a motor I look for about a 1/16 compression space. If I see more than that I take it apart and find out why. Usually a compressed used bumper measures an !/8 th of an inch +/- 30 thousandths.