Speed reads 41...error code?

2005 e2…press accelerator and mph reads 41.
Assume this is error code…but not sure
Any idea what this is and how to fix

Overheated controller

Could you please provide what the controller does and a possible solution.

Hi. I drive mine 30 feet after it was parked for 4 days and then after another 3 days I went to drive it and I get 41 and 82 and won’t move. What happened? It wasn’t stressed. How do I fix? -Rawko

Should reset when it cools. If not disconnect main power and re-seat 23p connector on controller.
Most likely code will come back. Someone could read codes with Sentry sw, but controller may be bad.

If it moves at all, does speedometer work?


thanks…drove this am and was normal. Time will tell

Where is the controller? By disconnect main power do you mean the main switch by my knees? I’ve done that. Still comes up. What else can I try?