Code 82 Code 81 please help

I park the car last night and everything was fine, went out this morning and tried to move and got a code 82. I learned if you feather the gas pedal a couple of times it will start to move. Then I have gotten a couple 81 codes. also the speedometer wont work or calculate miles.

I did look the codes up but why both of them? Is it just the speed sensor?

Any help will be appreciated I dont want to just throw money at it.


The controller is in overcurrent trying to get car to move.
But it isn’t getting feedback from sensor. So it depends which fault trips first.

Check for 5-10v from black to red. Black to green will pulse while slowly rolling car.
If green stays low, a pull up resistor sometimes helps.
Look for broken wire or try new sensor.

Thanks for the reply, the code 82 comes up first. If it is the controller and not the speed sensor why would the speed not be shown?

Misunderstanding , it is the speed sensor.
The controller is overworking because it doesn’t know the car is moving.

Thanks for all the help I do appreciate it!!!