Intermitent 42 code

New one on me changed controller same oh same oh. Ideas?

Which Controller?
Immediate code set? As in - Car has not been run?
Normally this refers to a Controller Over temp. Possibly a messed up temp sensor. But on two in a row?

That’s amazing odds.

Is this @LithiumGods car.
He said -41 first but then said -42.
Also swapped controller.

-42?? That is way different.
Correlates to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything,

As we were working on this the other day (but car fixed itself) I was leaning towards taking a serious look at your B+ main feed into the controller. You might see a huge drop if you put a meter on it. I’m thinking this could be a loose connection, cable crimp or might even be your MC. Maybe jump around the MC as a test to see if it goes away. Or measure V across the MC contacts. It should be 0 when engaged and when car running. If it has issues you will see V when running. Even more under Accel.

I doubt it will be as far upstream as the the MBCO switch because you would probably also see something wacky going on with the DC Converter and drop/reboot of controller and other errors.

My theory is that the controller will still see full B+ on P1 and P2 and boot properly, but when the MC closes the 42 and sees low V, code is thrown.

It’s only a theory.

It quit again, but I believe that its -42.

I’m confused on which code it was, picking up Gem tomorrow.

picked up gem. it has a serious gremlin in it. 42 code, touch throttle then 11 code. wait 15 seconds and sometimes it goes away and starts driving fine. Runs very well. driving along loses power. When getting a code I flipped throttle hard, no difference. once code 42 went to 51, flashing on and off. moved key around, doesn’t effect it,

Update: 2 controllers same problem, unhooked motor and still got the same code. Down to my last controller, so changed out motor and controller and problem went away. I’m wondering if motor damaged controllers? Had to get this Gem back to customer so I didn’t want to risk trying my last controller on this motor. When I get controllers back I will test motor again. I have heard of motors damaging controllers but have never experienced it before. That or 2 controllers just happen to have the same problem, possible but unlikely.

Thanks to Byron for all his help,I was getting a little frustrated and it was nice to have him on the phone going over all the possibilities.

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Did motor ohm out ok?

Haven’t checked, it came back from you a few weeks ago. So I never checked but will

Send it with the next batch. i want to check it out. i still owe you shipping on the salt water motor.

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Stopped by dealer, he had a remanufactured T5 on the shelf. It had a cracked case but looked good. He didn’t remember history and gave it to me. hooked it up, turned on key. Miles 0. no use since rebuild. lowered ebrake and … 42 error code. I am so stumped on this, 3rd in a row. I have tormented @AssyRequired on the phone, still cant figure this out. Left a message for fsip tech hoping to get some help. This 42 code is haunting me!

Long shot, everything goes through psdm.
You can test motor and controller in another car, or swap psdm.
It will then be another car except for wire harness.
Impossible, I know.

Code persists with motor not connected and with armature
Leads shorted, so can’t be the motor.
4 different controllers have the same fault.
Seems something else? Not a clue.

A thought experiment.
Will this controller and motor work together in a different car?