Specifications Tesla Roadster

[SIZE=2]Image courtesy of Tesla Motors


[li]Length of vehicle: 3941 mm[/li][li]Width from the mirror to mirror: 1851 mm[/li][li]Height: 1127 mm[/li][li]Wheelbase: 2351 mm[/li][li]Front track: 1455 mm[/li][li]Rear track: 1484 mm[/li][li]Curb weight: 1335 kg[/li][li]Legroom: 1066 mm[/li][li]Front headroom: 932 mm[/li][li]Front shoulder room: 660 mm[/li][/ul]
Performance statistics

[li]Motor: 375 V A/C induction air cooled electric motor with variable frequency drive[/li][li]Torque: 273 pb-ft between 0 - 5400 rpm[/li][li]Horsepower: 302 hp (225 kW) between 5000 - 6000 rpm[/li][li]Maximum rpm: 14,000 rpm[/li][/ul]

[li]0 to 60 mph: 3.9 seconds[/li][li]Maximum speed: 125 mph[/li][/ul]

[li]Overall final drive: 8.28:1[/li][li]Final drive ratio: 3.12:1[/li][/ul]
Battery specifications

[li]Battery type: Lithium ion battery with 6800 individual cells[/li][li]Charge time: 3.5 hours with Tesla high-power wall connector[/li][li]Journey capacity: 211 miles[/li][li]Battery life: seven years or 100,000 miles[/li][/ul]
Online reviews:
“With no competition to speak of, the Tesla Roadster is truly a one-of-a-kind vehicle. Combining supercar performance (save for top speed) with pure electric propulsion, the Roadster allows the well-heeled, environmentally conscious enthusiast to get his kicks without feeling like, well, a heel.”…edmunds.com