Tesla Motors Roadster

Has anyone had the chance to see one of these beauties in person?

I think they are very very sleek. On there website it says it has a single charge range of around 250 miles on a single charge. I think i can live with that and Wow 0-60 in 4 sec. That is faster than the new porsche 911. Still out of my price range but I can only hope they will come down in price soon.

Lot likes Arnold Schwarzenegger has seen the new Tesla in person , hope he stops driving his hummer and goes electric?

look this is a great car if you a former movie star and can afford it

what we need is a electric car that can do the speed limit and has a reasonable range and is affordable for the people who really need it and not just for the posers :frowning:

then we will be getting somewhere
that Telsa car is 100 grand we you throw a few add ons on, then you have to lay 50 grand down to go on the short wait list


His Hummer runs on hydrogen doesn’t it??? It is a start for him I guess.

And of all the stickers on there they have YOKOHOMA. Tires what the heck?

Find out the specs of the Roadster here