Tesla at the track

I was at the track all weekend watching various cars and doing work there (everything from working on the vehicles to taking care of the lap times, and any issues like cars crashing and starting on fire… (two this weekend))

All weekend I’ve been arround cars ranging in price from $4,000 to $400,000+

well i just got done working on a car that seems to be frequently needing it, and i look over and thought i just saw another lotus drive by… wait no… its not a normal lotus… its a bit longer and a bit more sleek looking… whoa ****… no thats a tesla roadster! my friend who doesnt have as much of a facination with electric cars as i do looked at me and said “whoa you should see your face right now… you have the biggest smirk i’ve ever seen you with”

ha ha ha well this is the second tesla i’ve seen in my life and the first i got to see up close. so i ran over to where they parked and chit chatted with the owner and he seemed to really love the car. he ended up taking it for a few track sessions and said he was really impressed with it and made him love the car even more…

as far as my impressions… i was impressed with the cars it was able to keep up with, as well as the fact that it was literally SOOOOOO quiet when driving by… it sounded like 3-4 bicycles riding by only because of the tire noise, and you hear a slight whir sound as well, but thats it.

over all… I want one even more…

I just wish I could afford one of these beauties. The performance of this car is incredible. When we all think about electric cars we think of something that crawls along the highway at 40 mph! The Tesla engineers are genius. Great job guys!