Features of the TORQ Roadster

There is no doubt that the TORQ Roadster is taking the electric car market by storm as the company claims it can create 1.3 lateral G’s, acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in four seconds, is 25% more efficient due to the three wheel system and has a track width of 80.5 inches.

For more information check out the website at:-

Torq EV

I’m still waiting on the cost ha ha ha.

Put it this way FEUS, I think it will be out of my price bracket :slight_smile:

probably mine too…

They should make some good kit versions that you can purchase for a decent price and build yourself :slight_smile:

I still think that the technology we will see in mind blowing electric sports cars over the next few years will eventually make their way into the mass market. This is the perfect environment to test “off the wall” ideas to see what impact they have on efficiency, driving and journey capacity.