Smoked a cell during volt conversion

So I was drilling the bottom of a volt battery pack to install compression rods when I think I hit a live cell. Got smoke with a bit of a sizzle sound. Removing drill bit revealed some copper chips and it was extremely warm (hot). Now that pack is down about 3.7 volts from the other packs. I’m pretty sure I killed at least one cell.
Can I still use this pack? I don’t think I can use parallel to full pack. Can I tap a cell out one of the other packs to match? One of the carts getting converted to lithium has a T1 controller which can be sensitive to overvoltage. Can I use this pack on that one? Is there any use for my pack or did I kill it and just need to replace? Thank you for any and all comments.

Good question. I would think you could break out that cell and remove it from the pack and either re install a new cell. I am not sure but my gut tells me a damaged cell or pouch that’s cut or compromised needs to be removed. Sorry that sucks I hope it can be removed from the pack fairly easy

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This is a thread on Volt disassembly.

Also shows Golf modules.

Thank you for that. Looks as complicated as I thought. Don’t know if I want to try that. Guess I’m in the market for another 44v pack now. Will be doing a thread on conversion once a bit further into it.
Did you guys ever get the modules in Fontana you were talking about?
I’m not too far away and have a truck.

It was a spark in Fontana that I wanted. I see they have a 2014 volt too.
$1900 each

That seems like a pretty good deal. I can pick up and reship if you want. Once I’ve completed my conversion, I will probably have some people that would want to get some packs for their own conversions. I could also use one of the 24s volt packs as I smoked one of my original ones.
Let me know if I can help in any way.

They have 2 Volts and a Spark.
Overloaded with battery testing myself, but these are the best buys out there right now.
By being able to pick them up, it should be a money maker/saver for someone.

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I would be Intrested in Seperating & prepping the packs. I could do the BMS leeds & JST connectors to a BMS 24z as well as setting up the shunt and getting the packs ready to install


The two of you should get together. It would help a lot of Gem owners.


Yes I think we can all help each other.

I’m confident we can get that pack shipped to my door for a few hundred. It’s not worth the $ and hassle that just paying a shipper to get, that is unless you don’t have anything better to do and you feel like a road trip.

I had mine shipped from Henderson nv to hb for $185 via freight. Entire volt module. I don’t mind making the trip to Fontana, but you’re quite a bit further. Would probably cost that in gas for my Power Wagon. Let me know if I can help. I could probably go for another entire volt module by mid May. Just have to get taxes taken care of first.

I’m 5 hrs North of Fontana. So like I said I would just have them ship the battery here and I could get after it.

All good. I’m in for a 24s pack to replace my drilled one. but not this week!