SkyEnergy-the biggest and stronggest high capacity lithium manufacuturer in China

Sky Energy-the largest and strongest high capacity LFP battery provider in China
We can provide LiFePO4 Battery for Electric Vehicle

Sky energy is a professinal lithium-ion power battery manufacturer, capacity covers 40AH,60AH,100AH,130AH,180Ah, 240Ah, 400AH, 800AH. Sky energy takes leading position in high-power and high-capacity lithium-ion battery manufacturing area. We are the state-owned company which has products over 100AH passed the 863 laboratory. We have core technology of battery production, and have strict standard about production and inspection battery.So we can offer customer safe and good battery.

  1. SkyEnergy locates in Luoyang city, Henan province, China. Skyenergy is the state-owned company and the investment now is 1.7 billion RMB. Sky Energy belongs to China Aviation Industry Corporation (China Airborne Missile Academy) which plans to invest 3.6 billion to build a base of new energy industry. We have deeply government and military backgroud. The products are under military quality control with high standards. There is never a safety accident happens till the business beginning. The lithium batteries are from 40Ah to 800Ah inclusive in LiFePO4 chemistry. I believe Skyenergy is the biggest lithium battery manufacturer at over-40Ah level in China. Skyenergy has got the CE, 201 test report of China, the only one supplier of China National E-Vehicle Project certifications. We are only one high capacity lithium battery supplier of China’s NANY.

Especially, the applications are EV, HEV, E-boat, Electric Scooter, Solar Power, Power Supply, Military application etc. Our products are well sold abroad and our customers are all over the world.

  1. Our material is imported from overseas company. The cells chemistery are same as ferrous phosphate-LFP at surface look if you bought from different manufacturers, but these cells are completely different. Ours is the promotion ones, with higher capacity, higher energy density, longer cycle life etc. Even the performance is more than 10~30% than other’s

  2. the cycle life will be more longer because of our high capacity density cathode material. It can be stable capacity after 500 cycles.

Good discharge performance especially in low teperature. Our product’s discharge capacity at -20℃ is >80% than at 20℃, others is about 60%. It will reduce the capacity and energy. You can see the file I sent you. As I know, some other’s cell will appear a clearly decline after 50~200 times. My cells will not. You can test different cells.

  1. we promise our batteries are 100 percent A quality and each cell will be pre-sorted before sale. Some main performance parameters, such as internal resistance, voltage curve, capacity and other parameters to keep the consistency. These are the main factorsfor whole pack cycles.

  2. I also believe our production ability is the largest at over-100Ah level in China.
    Year 2008-- 30 million Ah/year
    Year 2009-- 60 million Ah/year
    Year 2011-- 600 million Ah/year
    Year 2012-- 1 billion Ah/year

We have enough cells to presortt the best ones to pack the whole battery pack with high consistency.

  1. We got:
    A. CE
    B. 201 Testing Report
    The only one Official Test Institution for testing and awarding safety report especially for EV
    C. MSDS (Material Safety Test Sheet)
    D. ISO2000
    E. UN38.3 Test Report
    Our battery can be shipped by all Land/Sea/Air transportation.
    F. We passed the Safety Test including cell and Battery Pack for Short-circuit, Over-charge, Crush and Penetration etc. We made these into videoes and posted on

Sky Energy has applied for 15 patents from Dec.2007 to Mar. 2009.

All of the above I mentioned and what we are doing now, actually means that we are helping our customers to save their own money.

So, I think Sky Energy will be a best and honest supplier of yours. I also can be your partner.

Battery Pack

180Ah​ cells​ 500cycles​ for​ 2 pcs​

180Ah discharge at -20 degree


I uploaded our newest company presentation on the website. We haven’t finished the translation but I hope you can read it first. You can click “Free Download” on the bottom of the page.
Download webseit:
Sky_Energy_Presentation_200911.pdf - download now for free. File sharing. Software file sharing. Free file hosting. File upload.
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BMS_amp_Charger.rar - download now for free. File sharing. Software file sharing. Free file hosting. File upload.

Regarding BMS, it has at least six functions. Overcharge, Overdischarge, Overcurrent, Short Circuit, Over Temperature protection functions and balancing. It includes
◆ 1 pcs primary processor controller
◆ 1 pcs touched, colourful-screen. Which one do you like, 4.3 or 5.6 inch?
◆ X pcs voltage & temperature data collection modules(There’re data-collect units in the BMS system and one data-collect unit has 10 ports for 10 cells)
◆ 1 pcs current data collection module
◆ 1 pcs hall transducer(100A,200A,300A,500A,1000A----basing on detailed working current)
◆ wires

Regarding Charger, I can provide 1K~XXKW different charger with CE certificate

Sky Energy (Luoyang) Co,. Ltd
Overseas Market Senior Manager: Steven
Cell Phone: +86(0)13631519310
Msn: Skype: z_jun225
Add: No.36 Binhe Rd, Luoyang National New & High Tech Industry Development Zone, Hennan China 471003
Shenzhen Office ADD: Room 2308-2311, Southern International Plaza, No. 3013, Yitian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China PC: 518048

If anyone who want to be a reseller, please contact me directly.

Now, we developed a new cell, 3.2v240Ah, Height :171mm Width:71mm Length:45mm.
Low height is very suibable for putting in EV.

what about the solar battery charger? SRESKY wants to find some agents or importers for our sales from different countries. It is a solar battery charger manufacturer.