Best price of LiFePO4 Batteries and Cells For Ieehoo company

[B]Shanghai Ieehoo International CO.LTD. [/B]is located in the beautiful Hi-Tech Zone of Nanhui in Shanghai With the world-class production equipment, a total investment of 100 million and a floor area of 120 Mu, they try to build Ieehoo the largest lithium iron phosphate power battery production base in China. And with the entry of some famous experts they have built a strong team which is aimed at the research and development of lithium iron phosphate power battery and have made the production industrialized firstly. The research use lithium iron phosphate as the new generation of anode material in lithium-ion battery was started from the late 1990s. The lithium iron phosphate battery will lead automobile industry to a new green age and replace the lead acid storage battery and nickel-metal hydride battery. “Green home, hi-quality life.” that is our aim and ideal; “unity, cooperation, practicality, innovation” is our spirit; "human-oriented, customer and market centered " is our principle; environment-friendly, safe and reliable lithium iron phosphate power battery is our product.

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Impressive web site. What are the prices. My pet peeve is web sites that advertise a product, then you have to call, (and they forgot to put up a working phone number), to get a quote and order. If I wanted to call some one I would grab a phone book. The internet is there for a reason; Use it. Put in a link called “ORDER”, or “FIND a LOCAL DISTRIBUTER”, (if you do not sell to the public). On ORDER page put up a list of products and prices, when you click, put up number; in stock; ready for delivery; right now. Then take a credit card and select FEDEX or MAIL. Its not that hard people. This goes to the other EV parts sites also. (And travel agency sites), etc… Sorry to rant I’ve just spent that last 3 days looking at Hotel web sites only to see “Call for pricing”, after hours of clicking and searching.