Should we take advantage of the transition to "purge" old content?

Should ALL the content be brought over and “mapped” exactly as it is now?..or should we take advantage of this change to “clean things up”.

To be clear, the content WILL come over. But should we set it aside under its “own category” for reference purposes, or should we rebuild content, as it currently is so that we can navigate through it as we do now on the current site?..same categories, same subcategories, etc…


I recommend culling right back to the bare minimum and start fresh. People very rarely need (or want) all the categories that exist, and if we’re having issues with engagement then this is even a more important reason for cleaning things up now. Simplify things as much as you can.

Let me know if have any particular thoughts.

Depends on which forum your talking about. A Tesla or Leaf forum doesn’t really have content with high archive value because of the rapid changes occurring daily.

On the other hand the LSV/NEV forum is a very mature forum visited by people from many country’s and a baseline for content gathered over 10 years. It’s content is used for reference by many people and the site is in fact the “GO TO” source for current and archive information for Brands both current and obsolete. It is in fact the only decent current source of information for brands such as Ruff &Tuff, THINK, and other obsolete brands. It is the premier site for GEM CARS in the world.

To start from scratch is incomprehensible where so much knowledge that is still useful is stored and available. Much of the knowledge still currently utilized has been contributed by people no longer with us. And is NOT replaceable.


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I agree with this 100%. We WILL NOT start from scratch. That would be unwise.

All the data will be ported over and the active forums will be replicated. We have already mapped the following:

  • General Technical discussion

  • GEM NEV’s Forum

  • Conversions, Kit Electronic

More to follow.