Scope of LSV/NEV section of the Forum


The LSV/NEV forum section encompasses most current Makes of Low Speed Vehicles available from current Manufactures. GEM is only one of them. Although GEM is the most prominent in current forum hits it is a relatively small volume producer when compared to Club Car, EZGO, and others. It has been our past goal to attract owners from other makes as well as GEM. IMHO it might be detrimental to over emphasize GEM over the other existing brands.


I’d like a gateway to the NEV/LSV section… I still get lost on the Forum if I don’t use my bookmark… I’m only interested in the NEV/LSV subjects… there are more cars than the GEM… granted GEM has sold way over 50,000 cars… it is the more poplar NEV…

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we need to have an area to keep adding cars that may or may not make it to the US… if the Chinese get a car(s) here… I think the Forum should be ready

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I have pinned the NEV/LSV section to the top of the categories tab.

So select Categories…and KABOOM, you’re there. @Bob

Tag tag tag…we should be able to keep content sorted by tagging it.

Explain “Tag” and the use thereof.

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@Old_Houseboater I responded to you in a new topic which can be reached here: What is a Tag?, How to Tag a posts?, Who can Tag a Post?

Made it a new topic for the benefit of other with the same question.

Good question,

Sorry Rodney,

Its been a nice experience posting with you on the old forum. But… No awards for this new forum. I will be spending my time just reading the old forum. I hope that it just doesn’t disappear.

I’m afraid the loser democrats have taken over our old forum in retaliation? Its way to hard to navigate for my old brain. I hope (pray) that someone activates the old GEM forum… In my old 50’s English. This new one “sucks”.

As usual… IMHO.

Rascal… over and, OUT! (I can’t even figure out how to log out from this sucker!)

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NEGATIVE!, the owners of this forum believe in private enterprise, hard work, & conservative principles. You can take that to the bank!

We will bring over your old forum…stay tuned.


Sent you a PM I Think


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@Old_Houseboater copy, haven’t seen it come through just yet. Will keep my eyes peeled…