Hello (lurker here)

I am a long time lurker of a couple of forums. Finally joined this one because it appears to be one of the few that people post in.

I hate “introduction” posts. But I have some information to share, and I need to post five times before I can do that. So … check.

I have been looking at NEV’s for a while now, but have yet to find one that you can actually buy - from a company that still exists. I imagine the rest of you have the same experience. At least, if you are in the USA.

So, I am hoping to learn about new vehicles here and share info too.



Welcome to electricforum community. Have a nice day.


GEM, Club Car. EZGO, Yamaha plus many others now produce NEV/LSV vehicles. GEM is very popular with members of this Forum. I own one myself.

Welcome, fellow newbie :slight_smile: