Migration UPDATE: 12/20/2016

Thank you again. Your patience during the transition has been excellent. Below is a list of task we are working on this week:

  • TOGGLE HEADER: This will allow us to toggle back and forward with our static site. The static site is there for general overview and as reference for static articles or post we need to refer back to on a regular basis. New comers may have the same general question when first visiting the forum, so we’ll have a static page or landing page, where we can point them to which they might find helpful. More on this soon.

  • CONTENT ORGANIZATION: We’re coming off of a platform which used => Category => Subcategories to organize content. So much our our content is buried deep in conversation strings. There are conversation strings that are 3K posts deep! In the coming months, we’ll work to bring out old content and make it more visible.

  • CATEGORY DESCRIPTION CLEANUP: The description in our categories are long and render poorly when viewed in smaller devices. We will clean that up.

  • SECURITY: We will make inactive any admin category that came over from the migration. We will make sure that member permissions are maintained and preserved.