Share a Spark battery? Sold

Anyone near enough to pick up a battery in Wilsonville, Oregon?

I have two 28S spark batteries in my garage collecting dust. FWIW

Not that it matters, but Spark are 6 x 16s. Or are yours the early model?
Are they lfp?
Any good? Why are they not in play?

These are early spark and yes they are LFP.
My friend was going to put them in a care he was building, never built it so they are just sitting here.
I need to test them but as far as I know they are fine.

Don’t need them myself, but they’re so cheap. Someone on the forum should get them.

Going through Wisonville on Wednesday. Headed to Reno then back home to Chehalis on the 19th. Does that help?

Tnx, I missed getting it.