Chevy Volt or Spark batteries

Looking for 3 16s Chevy Volt or Spark packs.

I may have another Spark battery. Are you in for the same deal?
Working on sending a set to Naples Fl.
Or I might be able to send the whole pack to one of you. Lots of goodies inside!
Do you have access to a loading dock?

The spark packs fit almost perfectly and my buddy is looking for the same set up as I have which is 3 16s packs that were converted into 3 8s packs. We will also need another set of 6 jumpers, nuts, bolts and more of those factory flat cables if you have some more. He will also need his charger programming. He will just need a BMS without the monitor, may just order that from China. He lives in St. Pete and has a shop in Lakeland which probably does have a loading dock. I’ll have to check with him.

The loading dock wold need to be a couple hours from Naples for it to work out. I owe Michael for beating him out of another deal, and hope he would jump on the Sparks.
If it doesn’t work out I can UPS them from here too.

Ya it’s probably closer to a 3 hour drive. My dad lives in Northport which is about halfway so I could meet him there on a Friday or Saturday. I’m pretty flexible so he could pick the date.

Let me see if I can get it done. Michael may not go for it, then I can ship from here.