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I’m definitely interested in the sevcon interface if you go forward with it. If time permits, I’ll even volunteer to beta test.

Friends don’t let friends drive LFPs…
Many here did the LifePO4 thing years back. Less than ideal for the GEMs. Samsung SDI seems to be the runaway winner right now.

There was a factory option for a heater. I have one in mine, I’ll see if I can dig up the part number for the kit. Makes an ok windshield defroster for NorCal, the way the full cabs leak though, I think that for North Dakota, you might have to add insulation to make a dent in the cab temp.

Can’t remember on the regen. Not sure if it does both stock although I know it does tie to throttle lift…

Ask me how I know… Oh, you want to hear? Why thank your for asking. Here’s how… So when I bought Emmy from Dave ( @Inwo ), since he has Sevcon software, before he shipped it out here I asked him to turn the regen way up for “one foot driving” since I was going to ditch the original 2014 ginormous Leoch AGMs for lithium. I didn’t figure I would drive it much before taking them out… Had to take Emmy to the other side of the city one day, only 3 miles away or so… I was coasting down a slight grade and all of a sudden “BLAMO”. It sounded like someone just fired a pistol in my cab. Here I am thinking “Shyt… hope I’m not on fire… That’s reserved for 2000-2004’s…” Pull over, yank the seat cushion up, the top of the #1 battery is peeled up and post is melted. “Guess lead-acid really does suck at absorbing higher amp charges” Who’da thunk it?

Good times… Good times…

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North Dakota gets cold like Mn. I assume.
Put in 8 24v Altairnano lto bus batteries. I need a picture, but they fit in the same footprint as lead, and 8 fit nicely in my Ranger.
Good to -40f.
Charge to 80% in 20 minutes if you have the juice.
Normally priced out of the casual buyers market, but i have 8 pack pulls from an ev bus test project.
Only about 1.5kw each and heavy, but advantages of lto are worth it.
Full 8 pack $1600. Original cost, I have invoice, $3500 × 8.

There is something about the em-1400 that I believe offered less space than the Ranger. Or was it the other way around? Ranger has drive shaft going down the middle.

Dvt is free. License, is like $50, or free sometimes for the asking.
I have a dongle coming off loan, for loan with deposit.
Adam, for sure should take me up on it. Most of the things discussed can be changed on the fly. 3 drive modes are accessible by activating mapped input pins. Easy peasy. 9,000rpm pus available for the asking. Regen up to 100% motor torque can skid the tires.
Called “neutral breaking”.
Braking available through pot or switch. I believe it’s wired and programmed. It is on the 2016 plus Gems.

Thanks guys! That is really good info. I will look into that battery option as well once I get the brakes usable. Lots going on so maybe I don’t build my own…

The factory heater is interesting news. Surprised this one didn’t have that option. We don’t have any intention of using it in the dead of winter up here so we don’t have to get to extreme - just something to extend usage late into fall and allow an early spring start would make my wife quite happy. It was in the teens this morning and she was excited enough she bundled up and took it to school as is, squeaking all the way. :laughing:

Dongle rental might be pretty awesome as well! With just a few days to a week I suspect I could snoop most of the things I will be interested in for the short term. I got in my cheap test cables this weekend to try to talk to it on the Polaris diag port so hopefully will have some first impressions this week or weekend. My wife has a trip to a friend’s place schedule so I should have time to get the front brakes done and do some CAN bus tinkering.

I have some files from when I worked there in 2001- 2004, most of these I wrote.

Also you can get decals here…

hi gem_e2 i have a gem e6 with p1229 error what, fix can we do? or what other fix? or can send me service manual gem e6 2018… thank you

Here’s what I found for that error code.

pBMC Thermistor Fault

This Trouble Code Sets if a Failure is detected in
the Battery Controller Thermistor. If this trouble
code persists, replace the Battery Controller.

My wife just bought a 2002 e825.

The batteries were just replaced but they don’t seem to be charging.

I could really use the manual. I’m sure this is stupid obvious.

Welcome to the forum skRi

Except for the manual request, For assistance it is best to start your own topic/thread and we can branch off from there.

To do this, Tap the “C” key on your keyboard (C for “Create New Topic”. Yeah, there might have been a lack of oxygen that day). This brings up the editor window. Select a subect line that best describes your issue. Also, select the group that you want your topic posted to.

I’ll join you over there and offer the stupid obvious answers that will get your car moving.

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I was doing this from my phone this weekend. There is almost no signal and no wifi at the lakehouse. I started a new topic though.

I would still love to have the manual if anybody is willing to share it with me.

Thank you!