Second motor?

I live in a really hilly area and many times when I try to go up a steep hill the front tires just spin and Ian’t make it up. I have tried going in reverse but it doesn’t seem to be much better. I have the OEM motor in my garage now that I have the 7 hp on the GEM. Is it feasible to add the old one to the rear with some mods of course to use only on steep hills? Would the power system take the added current to two motors at once? I don’t think it would be too difficult to add an axle and a dual battery switch to use it with the main motor. Any ideas or inputs?

A 4 wheel drive GEM, The ultimate!!!

Do it and take a lot of pictures - can’t wait.

FYI EZGO and others have used the Spicer (DANA) H12 series in a normal configuration and it would not be hard to adapt it to the rear of a GEM. However it might be more practical just to convert the GEM to rear wheel drive.

If you have real wide tires you may not have enough ground contact pressure to prevent spinning. (think hydroplaning on dirt) Try the stock wheels and tires on the front and get back with us.


Rodney, I don’t want you to wait. I want some ideas!

GEM’s are not great climbers due to the weight distribution. If you want to climb you probably need to think Club Car.

I live in Denver where I can’t go anywhere without encountering a hill. … some are steep… I only spin the tires if I gun the car… not sure what you are doing… what size tire do you have… what pressure…


165 70 R12 Learn to feather the throttle.

If I start from a dead stop at the base of a hill I simply cannot get the car to go without spinning the tires. It will do nothing and as I increase the power it will finally spin the tires. I do have the Ride 4 Fun wheels and tires which hurt the torque because they are a larger diameter than the OEM 10 inchers. It’s not the end of the world but I was wondering if anyone had added a second motor to the rear for occasional use on steep inclines. I don’t see it as a big mechanical problem but one of electrical issues. From a dead stop without adding a lot of power I wonder if the two motors would use the same or more current than one at full throttle. I figure that I could just use the second motor with no gear drive and since it would only be for short distances just run it directly to the wheels. I can get a golf cart rear axle and use what ever it has for wheels and brakes.

Hmmm You would have to have full time 4 wheel drive other wise the parasitic drag would eat your battery capacity, A way around this would be to use a FNR rear axle from a gas cart on the rear. You would have to change out the gears to match your front ratio, Another option would be to convert to rear wheel drive. Hell of a lot cheaper too. There are more than a few rear wheel gas drive GEM’s out there.

Question: when you installed the larger R4F Wheel package did you have the controller profile updated to reflect the change. If not i would suggest you try the stock wheels and tires. If it wont climb with them you wont be able to do better with the after market wheel/tire combo. If it does climb with the stock setup you might be able to reprogram the acceleration ramp rate to make the new setup work. Keep us up to date.


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I have a 9.6 motor and only have trouble spinning the tires on snow days… I have
14" wheels… maybe that’s a difference…still am miffed about your tire spinning… think I’d call R4F and tell them the probable… maybe they have a quick fix… good luck… I’m out of ideas