Seats - need to redo

I would like to redo my seats. I am curious if folks have used kits (pre-made) or just taken the seats to an upholstery shop? Any recommendations on material would be appreciated (will get wet). Thanks in advance

I have used the kit for both front and rear, they look great. Only quibble is that I’d prefer the velcro sealing the bottom of the front seat to be reversed, so that it overlays down-flat, rather than pinch together in a fishmouth type of profile. Anyway:

  1. Removing can be done solo, installing covers is MUCH easier with 2 people.
  2. You’ll want the 3M 77 or 90 spray upholstery glue (can get from Home Depot, etc) (follow the directions if you’ve never used it before, it needs to be tack-dry on both sides before applying.
  3. I also used an 18 gauge brad nailer to staple in the perimeter of the new seat cover to the wood seat base. An electric heavy-duty stapler could also work, a hand-driven stapler will not.
  4. I recommend both glue and staple to attach the seat bases. 2 people make this hugely easier. After the glue is applied per the directions, one person can use fat pliers (not needle nose, which will tear. Locking pliers worked great for me) to pull the vinyl tight while the other staples it to the bottom of the wood platform.
  5. I recall you need some larger star bits to get the back rests apart from the neck hoop things. Might want to check you have the right size before starting.

All in all, happy with the quality of the covers, they look very stock (that is, designed for the vehicle) and it’s about a 2 hour project start to finish. Would 100% do again if Think seats looked even slightly ratty or worn.

Do you have a part # or website for the seat kits?
Do they have any in black?

Thanks! I just brought the seat to Willy’s Auto Upholstery in Laguna Niguel and he and his son did a great job for $680 - including a new brake boot! I’ll post pictures shortly.

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