Seat covers or reupholstery? Options?

I have a 2007 E6. It has lived outside in the Southern California weather for the last ten years. The seat vinyl is toast. The seats are rotted and the seats look horrible. They are the high back style.

A local upholstery shop wants around $150 per seat to reupholster the seats. I have seen a number of options on seat covers from $50 for the set, walmart specials, to $75 a seat wet okole brand wet suit like material.

This is not a garage queen, but at the same time it isn’t a rat rod. I feel like I am Jed clampett from the Beverly hillbillies. Any ideas. Thanks. Phil

Anybody? No info on seat covers. Phil

I have not come across Factory replacement seat covers for a gem car. I normally have the whole interior re done at a cost of around $1000-$1300

here you can see polaris prices for seat covers

I have seen the oem covers. Has anyone used an after market brand that they have been happy with. Thx. Phil

Take the ones you have out of the car clean them really really good scuff them a little with a pad and paint with high quality vinyl paint. If you take your time clean them well you will be amazed at the results.

Hmmm, had my front seat (e2) custom upholstered for about $350. I had them make something like a 65 Mustang upholstery. Turned out really cute! Check shops that do boat upholstery.

I was afraid of those prices. My seats have been scorched by the Southern California sun. Edges have rotted and split at the seems. I have seen a few gem cars around town that have seats covers on them. Seemed like an economical way to freshen up the car. Phil

My car came with some really nice covers, not custom but a close fit.

I’m pretty sure they don’t offer Gem factory fit set covers. I admit it would be a great idea but I have not seen them yet. If someone has please post a link.

The vinyl paint option is a good one if your seats aren’t too far gone. My '09 eS lives in the sun. I got the first replacements from a vendor on here who no longer makes them. I extended the life of the second set with vinyl paint, but eventually had them replaced by a local shop. Use a vinyl made for boats. My covers were $400.

oof, for that much money it seems like getting new or upgraded seats is the better route. I’d like a little more bolstering so a few ebay racing seats are in my future.

I would save money for upholstery. It’s worth the money.