Rusted Seat Frames - Rebuild or Replace?

Hey Everyone,

Got some bad news from my uphoulstry shop. He says the frames for the bucket seats and rear bench for my GEM e4 are all rusted out, and would need to be rebuilt.

I am headed down there today to pick them up to take to a weld shop to see what it would cost to repair/replace.

The more I am looking into it, the more I question having something built or repaired. To recover the old seats, it was around $700, which I have already put a deposit on. I have no idea how much it will cost to rebuild a seat frame…but beginning to wonder if I should start looking into a new seat entirely.

Is it possible to pickup an aftermarket seat, and just mount it in place on the GEM? I am guessing the hole pattern isn’t standard…but I may be wrong here.

Another idea was to pickup some “junk” seats from a regular vehicle and have them recovered, but once again this is getting into the realm of more money than it is worth I think.

I have looked around for a set of used GEM seats, and haven’t had much luck. All of the GEM’s around here they want to sell as a complete unit, and more money than I am willing to spend.

Any insight or ideas appreciated!

Grant West just went thru this:

How did I miss that in my search!

Thank you. May be worth talking to a fabricator shop…unfortunately I don’t have a friend or family discount with one :slight_smile: