2001 E825 4 pass bucket seat

What are you guys doing when these rusted bucket seats finally give up the ghost? A friend called asking for help with seat replacement because the backrests have gone horizontal. Does anyone kmow of a plug and play replacement available from another product that would fit older GEM’s? We are in coastal Florida so I am expecting to see a lot of rust when I get there. Open to suggestions.They are lap belt type seats from the old days.

I had the same problem with my seats as well. My car went from coastal CA to here in FL, a block from the beach. The drivers seat bottom finally collapsed and I needed a replacement.

There’s a local guy here (outside of St Pete/Clearwater who has a large inventory of used Gem parts/cars. I bought a couple of later model high backs off of him. They bolt right on.

If you are looking for used seats, hit them up. Goelectricavenue.com

Let me start by saying thanks for the heads up. I know that with these seats, it is not a matter of if the seats will fail, but when. Used seats are a “crap shoot” unless you check the innards for rust, broken rail welds etc. Nevertheless that might be something I can pursue and I appreciate the suggestion…just might give him a shout. Also considering adapting later (current) version GEM seats to the old car. Doing some homework to see if the newer seats can be mounted on the older version “tracks” with some minimal modification.Still scratching my head becasue I dont have a current version car to look at.-I’ll figure something out- thanks IRBGEM!