Seat belt replacement

Wanted to replace the driver side seat belt today. Upon looking things over, I found that I couldn’t find a way to get at the bolts at the top of the back seat (2000 2 seat), I seem to remember something about going in through the brake light opening. I need some advice on how to proceed. I have the correct belt to replace a PO repair. Thanks in advance.

Yes the older cars E-825 you have to remove the tail light lense and then you will find 4 screws that go threw the plastic and into the wood of the back seat and hold it in. Newer cars had hooks at the top that slid down and held rear seat in place. If you remove the tail lamps and you don’t have the long screws that go into
The rear seat Try pulling UP on the seat to in latch the seat. Gems are funky some times no 2 are alike you may or may not have the screw in type that’s why I say try lifting Up