Rear seat belt replacement help needed

I have a 2009 GEM E6. A few of the seat belts are not rewinding and need to be replaced. My husband was able to replace the driver’s seat belt but has run into an issue with the rear seat. He is able to get the bench cushion seat and back off but can’t figure out how to get behind the seat frame to replace the seat belt mechanism. Hopefully there is an easy solution we have not figured out. Thanks! (I posted this question 14 days ago but got no responses - I am new to the forum, am I doing something wrong? ).

Can you share a photo of what you’re trying to get to? On my 2013 E6S there is a large plastic panel that bolts in between the side panels and covers the rear of the frame behind the rear seat. It is held in by four screws on each side. Once you remove the screws the panel slides out but you have to angle it a few different ways to get it clear of everything.

Call this company. They are great to work with and Have a direct replacement seatbelt for classic Gems. They can also custom make with whatever color of strap you want.

If you remove the Rear Seat Upright you can get to the Belt re-winder.

You have 2 screws at the bottom of the seat. Remove them and then PUSH up on the seat back that will allow the rear upright to slide up and out. You will then see the clips that were holding the rear seat in.

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