Schott Charger Conversion

I need some expertise, please.

I have a '99 Gem 825 with a dead Schott charger. I have a new Quick Charge SCO7210 (w/drive lockout) on the way. My question is: which wires stay and which ones go? The Schott charger has at least 8 wires plus the power cord. The new Quick Charge only has 4 wires plus the power cable.

Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

A side note to the original post: I spoke to the folks at Quick Charge regarding the SCO7210 charger I had ordered online. The gentleman indicated a remote LED indicator can be added as an option on the charger (the option is not listed on their online store). He added the option for me. Very nice and informative guy. Good customer service seems to be a rarity, these days, but Quick Charge’s people were extremely helpful.