Samsung SDI 22 in SoCal - ready to go

One of @Inwo 's SDI 22s battery kits is sitting in my garage in San Diego. Looking for a car to power. I’d entertain doing an install if you’re flexible on time and willing to bring the car to me.

That said, hardest part is mounting the pack. Just have to hook up the negative and positive cables.



What part of San Diego?

Del Cerro/San carlos

What is expected range on 08 e4?

Old thread but just so happens that Ernie has another one there.
Or I can ship one.
30 miles + actual have been reported.
This is the easiest battery ever in classic Gem 2005 to 2015.
Pre 2005 a little tougher install.

Any other options for more range?

30+ actual miles is a lot. Remember that lithium does not require full charge cycles and can be plugged in 10 minutes or ten hours at a time.
The 1200w DQ charger adds about 5 miles per hour. Two chargers or a 2500w charger will add 10 mph range.

Do you still have this battery for sale?

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