New 22s 82v 90ah+ Gem battery

Available in some quantity in a couple weeks.
Limited quantity unless I commit to buy now.
30-50 mile range.
Ready to drop in.
Protected by JK 180 amp bms (400a peak)
These won’t last long. Need to get some pre-orders to make such a big investment.

24x15x7 120lb
ship for $250 or on your label

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New shipment came in today.
5 left for sale and two of these are ready to ship.
New in box.
Opened only to test and configure for BMS.

New samsung jk

Pm for new pricing. Mike and I made a truckload purchase and can lower the price .
Discounted from $3000.

New JK-BMS app. @LithiumGods Check this link for me.

Hi Fellow Gem owners

Wanted to give a shout out to Dave@inwo.

I have a 2005 Gem E4.
Put Lithium pack from Dave. This is 22 cell , 82v 90ah. (One battery 24 x 16(really 14) x7”
Put a new Delta Q charger also.

  1. took all old batteries out.
  2. Put 3/4 plywood on top of tray 15 x 31”, notch to fit the back tray brackets.
    Was concern about it fitting. Angle it up from the back and slid right in. :+1:
  3. Dave put a cable that match my old plug in the new charger. Was concern before I got it. After I saw the wire it was a breeze.
    I explained how to put spoofer in the controller.
    No big deal.
    Everything was plug and play for me.
    Had lots of questions and Dave was available and walked me thru all of them.

I’ll send pictures soon.

The battery, I thought had 50% charge on it so I took for test drive. Ran great for 4 miles. Then went to turtle mode and shut off. Had to pull it home. I didn’t realize they’re shipped with minimum charge. My bad.

Called Dave and he stayed on phone to make sure everything was good. Great guy !
Downloaded BMS app and Dave showed me what to look for and walked thru every step.

Put it on the charger a couple hours and back up and running strong. Will charge it full tonight.

Very happy. Easy install , great support.

Tony (Big T )


Dave it worked fine.

BigT glad to hear it worked good for you. If you want it even faster upgrade your controller to a T4.

I got a code 41 twice today. Controller over heating. Let cool down ran fine. Only getting 35 max 41. Is this the controller?

Still trying to figure the distance on battery. 4.16 is full charge on cells.
What is empty ?
Went down to 3.57 around 13 miles

Been keeping track

Not sure if my controller is bad or not. Not getting the range. What is a T4 controller?
How much is one ?
My set up is R4F motor.
New Delta Q and Lithium from Dave.

Trying to figure if I need a new controller or not.
Posted some info on usage.
Is T4 controller the newest ?
What’s the cost ?
Who sells them ?
Will this get me more range ?

2005 E4, R4F motor, new Delta Q and lithium from Dave(Inwo)

I was trying to get 30-40 mile range
at 30-35 mph. Is this possible?

It doesn’t seem I am getting range from the info I sent Inwo

Does car move freely when pushed?
Try a full charge and a long drive to see actual mileage.
Track how many watts per mile used. Voltages are not that important.
That will give me a baseline to see if it’s high speed eating the power.

The old “check for a dragging brake” trick. Go for a short drive one or two miles and then jack up each wheel and see if they spin freely - if not something is dragging.

Yes the car moves freely when pushed. LOL that was the first thing I checked to make sure the hand break wasn’t engaged. :+1:
I have not move the cart for 6 months prior to putting battery in. Did roll it in and out of garage. Seemed to move with no effort. I will jack up and see if wheels turn free.

Charged full last night. At 4.16 average cell

Going to embarrass myself. How do I look at watts per mile. Is this number on the BMS or is this is something I need to convert a number ?

I assume voltage is what the volt meter is reading. 22 cells x Cell volts. Does cart shut down below 72v ?

I see that the amp usage goes up and down based on heavy foot or not. It’s way up there if I keep it to floor.

If I put it in slow mode it will go around 25-27 mph.

I will do a test drive today 1 mile back and forth. Take info from BMS

Top of display is remaining battery capacity. It tracks AH in an out. Multiply by volts to get wh. For more accuracy drive more miles and see how many watt hours are used. 200 is about average.
Battery is 7650 watt hours giving 38 miles in theory. If you are using closer to 400 watt hours/mile range will be 1/2.

Iirc @jrjava has a watt/hour meter displayed.

I drove 1 mile out
DL mode 27-29mph
91.10v - 55a (it bounce 49-65a) = 5010 W

Drove back 1 mile
DL mode 27-29mph

89.42v - 55a (it bounce 49-65a) = 4918 W

One mile between the first two readings or two miles?
I get about 450wh in my head.
About average for a two mile run.

Jacked gem up in rear. Both tires spun free

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