New batteries for Gem

Dave - you keep forgetting about me despite our PMs so leaving a comment here. I will preorder, pay down payment, wash your car, walk your dog …etc etc to buy a set from you.

I will also need a charger (the delta charger on my 2005 e4 is not programmable) so let me know if you have one to sell.

Yes, I have a charger. Sorry to keep you waiting. You are on the list for the next battery.
Normally I have one at a time, and I keep track from PayPal payments. I don’t like to accept prepayment, but in your case, pay and I’ll ship you one the day after they come in. Or set it aside to be picked up.
Any glitches I’ll refund.
$3,000 + $400 for charger. Fine to get one from Michael if it’s less money.
$250 If you want FedEx shipping.

Thanks! Also, does the package include the voltage spoof, or is that not needed for this setup?

Spoof depends on how high you charge it. Included in any case.

Ok thanks. Pls let me know your paypal email.

George is early. The new batteries are late. Monday at the earliest to receive new shipment.
It looks as though I will need to send it FedEx as we first talked.
I’m disappointed not to be able to send it with George tomorrow, as FedEx is very rough handling heavy boxes.

I do have this bigger one ready to go. “120a 24s high voltage Honda battery” As it’s convenient for me. Same price and I can refund what you paid me for shipping.