Samsung 941h SDI bare cells

Just in 200 pcs.
New low price if you meet George and pick up from him with cash. Pm for pricing.
Cases of 16 sdi cells

He will stop for them next week. I can load him up with whatever fits. Then first come first serve.
I’ll try to get a route soon as he knows which direction. I’m guessing west of Mn. again. Possibly SE to Fl.

Leaving mn. Monday for Fl.
Nothing loaded unless I get some interest.

Dang i missed it. In north carolin

Always next time. There are cells with them for next trip.

Any chance he is coming near San Diego in the near future? I really need a pack for a Think

Hope so, but nothing scheduled.
I can ship one.

Do you have the dimensions? Or better yet, do you know if it will fit in the Think?

Its a tight fit, but it’s been done.

Still, somehow, waiting for my AGM’s to die (think they are 7-8 years old now). I appreciate all you posts on these cells and will have to go this route when mine give up. But I have a questions about the cells themselves… do they arrive to you with studs, or are they attached by you? Just curios from your pictures they have studs, but look built up a little. Most pictures of SDI94’s on the internet are bare with no studs and wondering how durable they might be (ie will they hold up to an ‘02 suspension)

It’s not the suspension, it’s the location. You have to stuff them up front over the motor or you got a rolling pogo stick. Good news is that you can stuff all 20-22 of them in two boxes up there.

Option #2 is put two cinder blocks up front and fill them with concrete and put a big pack under the seat where batteries 3-6 went. Works, but you just cut 100lbs from your weight savings,