Samsung sdi 14s 51volt battery 94ah

More info later, I’m just finishing it.

Nema 12 enclosure
Jk active balance bms

You look like you are having fun.

Should be perfect for post 2016 48v Gems.
Price is $2250
14 new cells is much less if you want to build your own.

Double pack 2p14s 2x94ah new sdi cells.
In progress.

And for Ford Think?
84 volt to 96volt.
Custom built with new Samsung Sdi cells. 20-25s 94ah.

Fit under the seat in a 1400?

It so happens, I have one of those to check. :grin:

36x11x6 Super heavy 12-gauge galvanized steel. 1p24s

Attention Think owners:
One only,
$2400 as shown. No bms.

So this is 188ah in this pack?

This 48v one is.


nice work!!

I like it. are them Lifepo4 cells?

No, Samsung SDI 94ah cells. Same as our 22s batteries.
4.1v = 100% charge.

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