Lithium cells Samsung SDI new in box

$100 each
Hardware included
use 20-24 for classic Gem

David, I sent you a direct message to fb in regards to speed magnet and lithium batteries. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Working on a box for 21s battery.
23.5" x 14.5" over all.
I will supply link to the parts.

My build is 1/2" foamboard on bottom.
Coroplast on sides and barley/fish paper spacers.
More pictures to follow.

This looks like fun.
Is there room to tuck the BMS in along the side?
Does this box come with a lid? If not, at least there is a lip on the top edge.

I’m going to look for lids. I can’t find a part number on this box.
I will cut another piece of 1/2" foam board for the top.
Got a little further today with the copper connection bars in place.
There is room on one end for bms, But that makes it hard to keep cells snug. We’ll see.

Changed the title the remove cells have been sold.

I can’t build these and sell at a reasonable price. It takes too much time.
I can sell the cells and provide links to the box and other parts.
Will sell this one as shown for cost of the 21 cells. No sense me breaking it down after taking the picture.

Dave, the papery looking stuff at the edges, between the cells and the foam core, what is that? Thanks

Paper is called fish paper or barley paper. Used in the electrical business in transformers and motor windings.
The foam is some type of very rigid 1/2" thick material. My brother has access to 4x8 sheets of “seconds”. Buys it but the truck load to use and sell at his store.

I’ll try to find the specs. Can add some to the load going west. The side spacers ate coroplast.

I don’t see it listed.

Thanks Dave.

Firestone iso-board. I’ll include a sample, sell some if asked.
I can cut scraps into easy to ship pieces. Weighs nothing.

Hello Sir,

Could you tell me how many amp hours each of these batteries are?

Thank you and Merry Christmas,


Samsung sdi 94ah cells

2p14s 188ah configuration for new gems. 52v nominal.

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SDI are the latest chemistry used in current ev’s.
Years ahead of old LiFePo4 design and a must for low temperatures.

Wh/kg 165

LiFe batteries, on the other hand, have an energy density of 100-120 Wh/kg .

NMC battery has an energy density of 275 Wh/Kg

@jrjava Tried to measure whether the tool box would fit in the EM.
Looks like it will. Now I’m having a hard time forgetting about it. Only way to know for sure is to take the lead out, and I need help to do that. :slight_smile:

Trying to test fit on your end or are you looking for a ̶d̶u̶m̶b̶a̶s̶s̶ ̶̶ scientific pioneer to do the heavy lifting?

I’m curious, but not ready to volunteer for heavy lifting. I’m slow and don’t want it tore apart when George shows up.
Besides, I can’t leave the tool box in it. I’m a liitle too invested in it for a freebee. The extra 6 cells on the trade is about as far as I can go. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking though. Like a dog on a bone. Once I start thinking, I can’t let go!

I wasn’t expecting a free toolbox. And yeah. Probably better to leave the lead in there this close to pickup date.

Lmk if you think about it enough to come up with a number.

If you want to keep it for yours that’s totally cool too. I’d still like to buy some sheets of insulation from you.

That reminds me, I need to figure out what bms I’m putting in. I miss having the screen that was on the ant in the eL. Still have the screen, but a 24s bms seems overkill, have to see if they make a 300 or even 450 amp 16s or if there is something better out there