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not a problem ready to go.

Hi Airborne

Welcome to the forum - I was wondering what type of EV you are driving at the moment?



[quote=Editor;16420]Hi Airborne

Welcome to the forum - I was wondering what type of EV you are driving at the moment?



Mark , thanks for getting back to me, i figured out my initial problem , i have a 2002 E825 longback NEV, the front wheels sag out at the bottom (caster/camber )? and need replacing can rack and pinon stearing be adjusted or does this sound like a bushing issue, like i stated …im totally new to this , maybe you could help this ole Vet…thanks

Mark im driving a 2002 Gemcar E825 longback nev, actually , not reallly driving untill i figure out whats going on with the front end

hi mark
sounds like u have a tie rod end or ball joint problem to me. of course I’m not much of a mechanic. lol

understand clearly… ready to go.

My camber is off because the bushings at both end of the shocks are completely gone and a result of over 1/2 inch is lost on the length. of the shock at rest position. I am almost sure new shocks will bring it back into specs

Definitely we should follow the rules & regulation here (y)

I have nothing to say agains the rules so I’m redy to go.

Right now I only have a 2007 Flybo low speed (street legal and registered/licensed) but it is extremely low end and I move from one issue to the next. I don’t want to pass on junk so am seeing if I can get it to at least dependable status, then sell it. Therefore I am more of a ‘wannabe’ at the moment. Our main car is a Prius and I am looking at the more normal EV’s that can go on the highway. I have even considered a Think City, because the price is low, but the company is bankrupt even though their warranties are still being honored.

New 500e owner here in the San Francisco area.
Has anyone had an image of a tortoise come on in the instrument cluster, with the phrase “limited power function” below it?
This happened to me after only 450 miles on the car. The car would only crawl along at
25 - 30 mph then after about 3 min. stopped completely…in the middle of the road
I was unable to push the car off to the side of the road, because I could not put into neutral position. Finally after waiting a few minutes I restarted and was able to get into neutral and push off to the side of the road, but still not able to put into drive. A few minutes later I was able to drive the car at normal speed home. Engineers from Fiat have determined that a new battery is needed. Wodering if anyone has had a similar experience. BTW there was nothing in the manual that came with the 500e about a tortoise image with the phrase “limited power function”. Needless to say it was a tad terifying to have the car stop dead in te middle of the street around a blind turn, and not be able to move it. Interested in any feedback. Really love the car …except for this experience.

Rules look straight forward and mostly just common sense…looking forward to being a part of this community.

Rules are straight forward and mostly good common courtesy and sense, looking forward to being a part of this community.

I have a GEM E2 year 2000

thank you for this

Just got my first GEM, a 2005 eL, not in running condition. I will post some troubleshooting questions. Thanks

Suggest you read the posts in all the GEM forums. Somebody sometime had any of the problems you will run into.

Thanks, will do.

All GOOD here!