Rodney's Imput shaft kit

On my 2008 I started to develop a oil leak from the main shaft. The Main shaft connects to the motor and the problem is Oil from the transmission can coat the inside of your motor and destroy it. A tell tail sighn you have a main seal leak is you can smell a burning oil smell. This is oil from your transmission getting into and onto your motor.

Rodney adds a small sleeve to your stock Imput shaft. This allows a sealing surface for a secondary oil seal. Ya see your main Bering on your Imput shaft has to do 2 things. Provide a running surface for your Imput shaft and #2 hold back oil. The secondary oil seal that the kit comes with does a way better job at holding oil back then the stock sealed berring your Imput shaft rides on. I’ll take and add some photos.

Here is a pic of the Oil seal that holds back the transmission oil from your motor

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Here is what that seal looks like installed into your transmission

Potential problem #2 stock oil Air vent. This is the vent that allows air to vent out of the transmission as you spin your car up to speed. If this vent fails the built up pressure and force oil threw the main shaft seal. I was told by Marlon to replace this vent with a standard fitting and a hose. Just like in the old school gems 2000-2005

Here is a pic of the fitting I used to replace the stock vent fitting

Then I decided to Drill a hole in the case of the motor to allow any residual oil to drain.
You do this by figuring out the very bottom of the motor as it sits In the car. I made a mark on the motor while it was in the car and then drilled it

Then I installed the motor and now I’ll put it threw its paces.
(FYI) I cleaned out the motor by spraying 3 cans of electrical parts cleaner threw the motor.

This problem originally surfaces shortly after I bout the car. I first replaced the Berrings. Then I replaced the O-ring. Don’t have had the motor in and out like 3 times and cleaned it every time. I hope this will be the last time I have to remove the motor for this problem

DO you have a part number for the KIt?

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