Transaxle seal replacement

I just purchased a 2002 Gem car. It ran good when I test drove it but as soon as I backed it off the trailer the motor started smoking. I ordered another one but they said to replace the transaxle seal. Any recommendations?

More info would be helpful:

Early cars suffer from a input shaft seal that lets oil from the transmission spill into the motor. This can make the motor smoke and smell and eventually cause issues.

Rodney sells input shaft upgrade kits

The early cars used a KOYO bearing with contact seals. This bearing is no longer available. I have sourced a bearing that is equivalent to the KOYO that has contact sealing and doesn’t leak. (includes 2 bearings and rubber bumper) If your splines are still in good shape this bearing will work. However the input shaft kit I sell will bring you up to current state of the art. (includes 2 bearings, new shaft, seal and rubber bumper)

I have bought a few of them from oH and they have worked very well . Trans got quiet and no oil leaks .

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X2 I bought some input shaft kits from Rodney. They kill 2 problems.
New oil seal holds back transmission/gear oil from being leaked I to the motor& #2 the New input shaft and bearings quiet down the Gear noise. Don’t forget to install a new rubber bumper

I’ll jump in here too. The new input shaft kit from Rodney plus a gear oil change significantly reduced the noises coming from the gearbox in my 2013 E6 w/ 10.35:1

@Old_Houseboater what is the rpm limit of input bearing?
Are high speed bearings available?
A buddy racing old 2 stroke Yamaha-s replaced the crank bearings with sealed bearings. As I recall, they survived 12,000 rpm.

!5,000 rpm

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While I didn’t have any significant leaks, I did have worn teeth on the input shaft on my 02, based just on a photo and the description of the motor issues I had, Rodney called out a bad end bearing on the input shaft. Likely saved my gearbox from grenading. Got the upgraded input shaft with oil seal from Rodney, who even provided some free tech support for a brand new R4F motor that didn’t fit properly. I’m quite happy with the end results.