Cleaning the inside of your Motor

The 2008 we picked up has developed a leaky Imput shaft (I suspect).
We took it for a ride and when we Stoped I could see smoke Comming up threw the hood. I opend up the hood to notice some what looks like fresh oil at the bottom of the transmission. I’m assuming it got there from the imput shaft leaking. So I can see a imput shaft seal kit is on my “to purchace” list. My question is. What should I do about any potential motor oil that could have made its way into the motor. As soon as I discoved the potential leek we ended the ride but I have no Idea if any or how much could have ended up inside the motor. What would be the best way to move from here

Remove the motor and flush it out. I drill a 1/4 hole in the bottom of the case. If you do this put enough 1/4 sockets over the drill bit to prevent you from hitting the motor windings.

I lost a 5HP to oil causing the motor to overheat…

What would your recomend “flushing” the motor with. I have seen cans of contact clearner used to clean out electrical components like alternators ect. I would assume that’s what your talking about using to “flush” the motor out with.

As far as drilling the Case? Is drilling a hole in the case some sort of drain? This way any oil could drain out of the motor? If I was to do this where would you drill the hole in the case? I’m guessing I would mark the bottom of the motor at the dead center of the bottom when it’s mounted in the car. The question is where along the bottom of the motor would you drill and how large of a hole? Has anyone else done this before.
I’m guessing it’s a steel outer case with the motor magnets that line the case.
What about any metal shavings that could enter the motor from drilling???

I got the motor out and As suspected the imput shaft has a bit of a leak. Transmission oil got into the motor but it was not that much. I had a can of brake cleaner and a can of electrical parts cleaner that I ran threw the motor and it looks pretty clean. I’ll let it sit upside down and drain what ever cleaner is left.

Here is a pic of the culprit.

You have the motor out. Easy to put in a 1/4 hole in the steel case just behind the cast mounting flange.

Send me your shaft and i will do the seal addition operations with a seal and new bearings.

Rodney: do you have a pic of a before and after of this “seal addition” I’m trying to picture what your mod does?

Take advantage of Rodney’s offer. The 2008 that I just bought had this done by a GEM deealer. It is a common fault/repair on the 2008 model according to my seller and the invoice from the dealer up in “The Villages” of FL was over $700.

What ever Rodney charges ypu for this service will be much cheaper than a GEM dealers fee. You already have the motor out, 3/4’s of the battle…

The invoice noted that some “machining” was required to/on the case to fit the new upgraded bearing. Just my personal experience from my newly purchased 2008. I know next to nothing, just enough to be dangerous. Consult with the high post count people here…



Hey Rodney: can you please explain exactly what your modification does? You mention some machining? here is a picture of my input shaft

I add a sleeve - machine it and send you new bearings and a real oil seal. Available on ebay