Ride Improvement

2013 e2 with a service bed & pipe rack.
After losing 100’s of pounds converting to a samsung lithium pack the ride was harsh.
Reducing the tire pressure on the 155 r 12 760 size tires from 36# to 25#. The ride improvement was small.
I bought

10" rims with tires that keep the diameter about the same. 2 3/8" worth of spacer to clear the caliper
With the pressure at 22#, the ride is much improved, no more feeling every manhole cover & tar snake !

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Now I have to figure out some fender flares before winter.
I will also be installing tire chains/cables/straps on 2 of the tires/rims as my snow tires

I replaced the front shock with the NEV version
Preload set to the lightest setting
Not more bottoming out going into or out of a parking lots or other big bumps

Kendall Mills is just coming out with shocks for this problem. he is on several of the GEM groups.

What problem?
Shocks with dampers that actually work with the ability to reduce the preload are adequate for the primitive GEM suspension
Kendall is known on this forum & doesn’t come around much :smiley:

After a few weeks with the spacers on the front…
The handling & ride is improved. Body roll is greatly reduced with the 8" wider track. Much less feeling the inside wheel get light when tight cornering at full speed.
Torque steer is increased. Full acceleration from a stop while cornering will rock back & forth slightly as the wheels lose/gain traction, stops long before I get to full speed