Gem Car Tires

Hello All,

I have a 6 x 12 enclosed trailer and need to lower the gem car by 3-4 inches to load it in. Can I swap out a set of golf cart rims 8" with tire which has a bolt pattern of 4 x 100? I understand the incline will need to be slight not to bottom out. I also need to know if someone can measure the height of a 12" tire stock on stock rim and reply back with a number as my car is 300 miles away

thinking of using these

Golf cart tires and wheels. Worn but have usable tread. $50.00 OBO


Stock 12 inch tires/wheels are about 10 3/4 inches from road surface to center of wheel hub. I suggest you try simply flattening the tires. That’ll gain you about 3 inches. Putting on the smaller cart tires might work if they’ll fit over the brake drum and clear the steering knuckles but I can’t tell you. The smallest stock tires used on GEMs are 10 inch wheel size. Assuming they’re lower profile. this would get you about 2 inches lower. Dunno how the 8 inch ones will work or even if they’ll fit. After all, regular golf carts don’t usually have brakes on the wheels but only on the rear differential input shaft so they don’t have clearance issues with 8" wheels.

Can the golf car rim be installed backwards or is the 8" rim a center offset? Dont know anything about golfcarts

I guess I can use a 10" rim only but dont know if the clearance will be too low. Let me think about this. I only need to drive it 12 ft into the trailer.

Thanks for the feedback