Revolutionary concept vehicle electric,hybird or not

Hi this is not just another newbie question,so here goes . I have designed a new TYPE of vehicle it is a hybird of a motorcycle and a car thats all I can say about it now .My question is how should it be powered the concept can work with everything from a V8 to a go kart motor ,the V8 is the past and hybirds are the future we are thinking about a 600cc motorcycle motor with electric motor of a gasoline equal of 75hp, we will have room for about 8 or 10 12v car batteries and one or 2 electric motors , and a hybrid recharging system ,can this be done on a simple system at a reasonable cost . And how would you do it . motors, batteries , electronics ect. thanks for any help.

You would probably benefit the most to design the drive system as a series hybrid. This would give you the possibilities of either electric only, or hybrid operation, or a combination of the two. Sadly, without a fully developed charging/servicing infrastructure for full EVs, hybrids are presently the best bet. Just be sure not to specialize your drive system to the point that you can not redesign it later to accommodate for emerging technologies. Best of luck.