What exactly is a hybrid car?

We often hear the term hybrid car when people are talking about electric vehicles but what exactly is a hybrid vehicle?

These vehicles basically combine the electric motor with a combustion engine where the electric motor is used to assist the combustion engine when accelerating and at low speed driving.

The [B]parallel hybrids[/B] see both types of motor working together.

The [B]series hybrids[/B] are built so that the electric motor powers the wheels while the combustion engine powers a generator alongside the batteries.

[B]Twin drivetrains[/B] are perhaps the least known but in these vehicles two of the wheels are powered by a combustion engine and two are powered by an electric motor. This gives the driver the option to chop and change between these two types of motor.

I will probably feel safer with a hybrid to start with but is there really any benefit to the environment?

Hybrids use an electric motor to improve the efficiency of the conventional engine and increase range…They still require all the maintenance and emissions based payments associated with a regular car,and if the battery is so small as to be unable to drive the car more than a few miles,the emission reduction will not be big.If the battery is big enough to cover your daily driving without needing to use the gas engine,you’ve pretty much bought the wrong car…