Replacing suspension bushings on 2002

I have to replace the suspension bushings on my '02, for anyone who has done this before, how big a press am I going to need? Will a small 6-ton bench top work, or do I need to go hunt down a larger frame? Or, can I just punch them out with a piece of pipe and a 4lb hammer?

Good question. I have never done the A-arm bushing’s try using a bit of heat on arm and a socket that’s the same size as the bushing and use the socket to press out the bushing

Good call Grant, a rosebud and a cooler full of dry ice are always helpful with crap like this. Getting the rear swing arm subframe in the press is probably going to be a bit of a clusterfark for the center bushing. At least I’ll get a good look at it for cracks. Didn’t see any when I looked from underneath and the rear suspension is different on the truck model. Two shocks per side, one on either side of the axle, so less torsional force when in operation.

Now that we’re talking about it, dammit, I forgot to order the reinforcing kit for good measure too. I knew there was something else I was supposed to order with the bushings. /SMH.

I replaced the front control arm bushings on my 2013. I briefly tried the DIY route with sockets and threaded rod but that went nowhere. Then the machine shop I brought them to broke their press trying to get the old bushings out. I don’t know what size the press was but they had to take the parts to a friend’s shop with a much larger press to finish the job. I plan to do the rears soon (already bought the bushings) and need to get the number of the second shop to avoid any issues this time around.

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Thanks. They broke a press, on a gem. Wow.

Thanks for the warning.

You can punch them for install you can use vise