DIY GEM car shock bushings

Like most older gems my Shock Bushings were toast. My car had sagged due to worn shocks bushings where my camber was even off a bit.

Oldhousboater had made up a batch of Bushing replacements. They were only $5 each. Nev sells replacement bushing for $20 each
so at $5 a pop I figured I couldn’t go wrong.

First Step remove the shocks and Pres out your old bushings. You will need to keep and reuse the metal sleeve in your rubber bushing, The metal sleeve will press into the new Nylon bushing.

The New Bushings are at the top of the pic and are White. The stock metal sleeves are below them

The stock metal sleeves will have quite a lip or burr on them and that’s ok but you will need to file down this lip so they slide into the new bushings with no drama. I took myn over to the bench grinder.

Here is what they should look like when your done. your just takeing the Burr off.

Now here is the fun part. Super easy with a Vice. Press the metal sleeve into the New Bushing. Easy Peezey

Then I used a larger socket on the back side to press the Metal sleeve further into the bushing to center it

This is what the Nulon bushing looks like after you have pressed the metal sleeve into the bushing. The sleeve should be sticking out just a bit on either side. This is what will be pressed into the shock

Almost done: Now using the vice and a socket on the back side press the nylon bushing into the shock. It helps if you have 2 people during this step. 1 to turn the vice and 1 to center the bushing and hold the shock

Done!!! It took me about 20 min’s to do both shocks from the time they were removed and on the bench.

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I have a 2002 e825 gem in need of shock bushings. can you please tell me where you purchased your Nulon bushing

thank you pbharry

A Fourm Member Old Houseboater sells them.

Thank you I will contact Rodney
Happy Thankgiving

Send 2 tomorrow will have 40 more mid December

Grant does every thing by the book. I drive them in with a 2 pound hammer.

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DO you still have any shock bushings? I have a 2011 ES.

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Sorry no…

Would you be willing to share the dimensions these bushings were made to? Would like to make my own on the lathe.


Email me