Replacing Bucket with 2 Seater

I have a 2002 Gem and I was thinking of replacing my bucket with a 2 seater for added seats. My wife and I already have 2 kiddos and we are expecting to another 1 soon. Ive tried looking through the forums to see if anyone has successfully done this but have not. What are your thoughts on this? I did see some seaters on Amazon that are compatible for Yamaha and EZ-GO.

One problem is that the connections on the back are designed for 100 lbs or less. I believe that’s what the labels say. So it might be ok for little ones but you’d be needing to look for a 4 or 6 seater by the time they start first grade.

Kids with no legs.


Any way anyone has added metal to the framing for more weight support?

Yes. A few people have done this mod. It takes a bit of fab skills and a bit of additional bracketry.

As dougl pointed out ^above^, it is not a good idea to use the clip in retainer of the GEM Bakpack system. It is not rated for the kind of weight a couple of passengers will be applying to it.

Unless you are using this in a park setting or campground I would strongly suggest not doing this. Having seats on the back of the car would be extremely dangerous in a rear end collision as the people on the back would be between both vehicles. Also, they will most likely end up obstructing the brake/signal lights increasing the chances of being rear ended.

Got it. thanks for the help guys.

If anyone has done one before, please post pictures here.