Replacement for 8kw motor kits?

Any interest in big motors after the 8kw sold out?
More money, but now bigger and faster.

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There is always interest !!

Still working out the logistics, but wanted to post the specs. This motor will not only be pushed to an over speed of 9,000rpm, it is rated to 9,300 rpm.
Meaning probably 12,000 if the Sevcon could do it. Encoder frequency has a stated limit of 10k rpm, but is that a hard limit?
We shall see.

Dave, that kind of RPM/speed might be more than the lip seals on the gearbox can handle without an upgrade.

Can’t say for certain, but you may even be butting up against the max speed of the bearings. Without knowing the bearing numbers though can’t be sure.

Luckily Sevcon maxes out at 10k.
Figured that Grant wouldn’t be scared of blowing something up.
9300 is enough for me.

Dave I would do a Motor Swap!

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Ouch, shipping from France is as much as I paid for the 8kw motors.
Only 8 pcs of 15kw available.
Preorders @ cost $1,367.31
Discount buying all 8 pays for shipping.

1,275 Euro =
1,367.31 US Dollar"

Looks like plug-in swap for 8kw motor.

These fit @djgabriel2004 Comex transmissions.

Count me in too!

More characters…

I was going to ask about the weight until I saw those lifting eyes attached at the top.

Those are to help the children who assemble them move them between assembly stations. :wink:

15kw is a serious motor .

We need to see what’s going on w pmac too

Yes at less than 1/2 the price and 1/3 the weight.
Let’s do this.

Oh my, L god , 94.5 lb.
More than the cast iron 8kw motors. No wonder it was $350 to ship one by sea.

Or by air:

I may need to upgrade my 8k :slight_smile

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Ok I’m high on what ever David is selling so if Dave gets one I’ll swap out my 8k for the Big Boy.

Delayed due to customs. Paid for and hope to have them eventually.
It looks like they will be all spoken for.

I believe customs are taken care of and pallet should ship soon.
If tariffs don’t kill me price is still at cost $1,367.31.

Is ther interest in 8000rpm pmac motors?
John has offered to supply me with some samples.